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5 Things To Do In Ontario And Great Beaches
5 Things To Do In Ontario And Great Beaches

5 Things To Do In Ontario And Great Beaches

Port Dalhousie

One of the most popular beaches in Ontario is Port Dalhousie and it’s known mostly for it’s carousel, where you can have a great time in the summer.  You’ll find 5 Things To Do In Ontario And Great Beaches. You can have lots of fun with your friends and family at Port Dalhousie but be careful because sometimes the sign says that swimming conditions aren’t okay and you should always listen to the signs that they put up around the beach. The second most popular beach is Port Colborne, Port Colborne is another beach that is a great place to spend at with friends and family. You can find cheap flights and great hotels at All Holiday Bookings

Bruce Peninsula

The third most popular beach in all of Ontario is Bruce Peninsula National Park it has the clearest and cleanest water in all of Ontario but beware because there are real live Bears out there although it’s not really a beach with real sand it’s still considered a beach as people swim there all the time.

Sauble Beach

Another great beach in Ontario is Sauble Beach it’s known for it’s clear and clean water and white sands another great place to swim all day and spend time with friends and family and Lake Huron has many other great beaches to offer as well. St. Catharines is a great place to visit in Ontario and it’s known as the garden city.

There are many things to do in St. Catharines like go shopping at the Fairview Mall or the Pen Centre and visit Port Dalhousie beach and so much more. St. Catharines is only 1 hour drive away from Toronto and Niagara Falls. Niagara Falls is known for the amazing waterfalls and the cool attractions like MarineLand, the scary mazes, and so on. Niagara Falls is very touristy and there’s always something fun to do there like The Maid Of The Mist and lots more to do like candy shops, great wolf lodge, fun activities etc.

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