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Cyprus No 1 Great Escape With Bags Of Warm Sunshine - All Holiday Bookings

Cyprus No 1 Great Escape with Bags of Warm Sunshine
Cyprus No 1 Great Escape with Bags of Warm Sunshine

Cyprus No 1 Great Escape with Bags of Warm Sunshine

Cyprus No 1 great escape with bags of warm sunshine, quiet and fresh sea-flavoured air. Stay in cyprus is a perfect choice.

Moreover, you will not get bored even if you are an active person, because you will have a lot of places to visit: impressive natural parks, important historical sites, churches and medieval monasteries well preserved. These include friendly animal encounters, and gourmet experiences that will taste incredible.

It is neither Greece nor Turkey. It’s in the middle, exactly … Cyprus!

Regardless of where you stay (recommend to choose between Larnaca, Limassol or Ayia Napa), the distances will not be a problem. In no more than two hours you can travel round the island by public transport, so you can see any tourist destination easily. Larnaca international airport has dozens of flights, arriving and departing everyday


Cyprus No 1 Great Escape with Bags of Warm Sunshine

Monuments that cannot be missed

The archaeological sites in Cyprus can best reveal the wonderful history of this island. Dozens of peoples invaded it for its beauty.

Amathus – here are the ruins of the oldest settlement on the island that dates back to 1050 BC. Greeks, Phoenicians, Persians and Romans are among the first inhabitants. The graves, the acropolis, the temple of Aphrodite, the agora, the baths and the ruins of the palace are well preserved.

The Paphos Castle – was built as a Franciscan fortress in the middle of the 13th century, then occupied by the Genoese and the Venetians until the Ottoman invasion of 1570. The Turks rebuilt it according to the original form, and today we can visit it.

Kourion – the ruins of the settlement tell the history of the island from the first discoveries of the Neolithic (4500 BC), the cruel invasions and the victories of Alexander the Great. Today, Kourion means the ruins of Roman and Byzantine buildings, monuments, an amphitheatre of 3,500 spectators, a Roman market with public baths and the famous Achilles House with mosaic floor.

Palaepaphos- is one of the most famous sites in Cyprus. The Mycenaeans established here, in 1200 BC, the religious and cultural center of the island, building a sanctuary of Aphrodite. The Romans kept the tradition and raised here, the “Koinon Kyprion” (the place with the highest spiritual charge).

Famagusta, a Venetian fortress town surrounded by thick walls, is an important point for tourists. You can climb into the tower of the church; from there you can see the wonderful panorama. Then visit the Othello Castle and the ruins of the Venetian churches.


Cyprus No 1 Great Escape with Bags of Warm Sunshine

Walking through the nature

 The Troodos Mountains are the ideal place for recreation as it should. Climb through the forest to Caledonia Waterfall. Get on the medieval bridge Milia. Or, even better, rent a bike and visit the villages in the mountains.

Cape Greco National Forest Park is another point of interest for lovers of outdoor exercise, especially for light trails and breath-taking seascapes.


Cyprus No 1 Great Escape with Bags of Warm Sunshine

And a lot of fun

You have to get to Camps Park especially if you come with your little ones. In the park there will be many animals, including ostrich, goat, deer, pony, and turtle, but the camels will remain the focus, especially when the tourists walk around the park!

Ayia Napa is a renowned resort for nightlife. If that’s what you’re looking for, you have the opportunity to spend in the main square to the east! The atmosphere is vibrant, locals and tourists gather for live music and for the best cocktails in town.

Cyprus No 1 Great Escape with Bags of Warm Sunshine

Tasty food

Cypriot food integrates influences from all the peoples who have passed, at some point in history, here. It resembles Greek and Turkish cuisine. Meze is the most famous food. It can be fish or meat and served on a plate containing over 20 smaller dishes with various dishes. Try the halloumi cheese, it’s great! Do not forget about elites (olive pie) or avgolemono (egg soup with lemon).

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