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Malaga Spain No 2 Large City In Andalusia - All Holiday Bookings

Malaga Spain No 2 Large City In Andalusia
Malaga Spain No 2 Large City In Andalusia

Malaga Spain No 2 Large City In Andalusia

Malaga Spain No 2 large city in Andalusia, offering visitors a wide choice of sightseeing and cultural experiences. Situated on the southern Mediterranean Costa del Sol. Malaga is a port city, not only offering golden sandy beaches. There are also significant historical areas to be found and explored in this city. Much of which can be found in the preserved ruins that are located throughout the city, from when Malaga was founded by the Phoenicians and when on to be ruled by the Moors.

With a wide selection of churches and palaces to visit or just relaxing on the beach, there is much to be enjoyed on your visit. Some of these churches are even located in palaces as well as the Moorish and Roman architecture that can be observed in various areas.

Sightseeing In Malaga

Malaga’s cathedral is certainly worth a visit. There is much to see with its two chapels and stalls. It was built by the Catholics and finished in the mid 1700’s with much of its architecture being visible from the later time period.

La Inglesia del Sagrario is another church worth visiting, it was finished been built in 1448 on the site of a mosque and contains many different sculptures to enjoy on your visit.

Santuario de la Virgen is another beautiful old church which contains the tombs of the counts of Buena Vista. It is very elaborate and yet another wonderful sight to visit.

There are also many museums worth visiting while staying in this beautiful city. Two to mention are, the museum of Popular Art and Culture as well as the Museum of Art.

Attractions In Malaga, Spain

The Kings palace is known as Alcazaba. Is one of two huge citadel’s that look over the city and has many wonderful sights to see and take in.

The Castillo de Gibralfaro is another item located near the palace. It was constructed by the Phoenicians and contains much architecture and things to see.

Throughout the summer there are many different music festivals that occur throughout the city. Whether you want just relax on the beach or enjoy watching the world going sitting outside one of the many bar’s or cafes, Malaga has something for everybody.

Malaga offers a vibrant nightlife for all tastes, with music and dancing in the many nightclubs and bars

There is much cuisine to enjoy, primarily of the Mediterranean style. There is also a wide variety of other international foods to enjoy. Find the perfect hotel at the best price for a memorable stay in Malaga

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